About us

Ewelina & Adrian,

We are a couple who share a passion for photography.

EA Kotlarek

Ewelina – Creator of decorations, scene set-ups. Point of contact to discuss your ideas, preparation for session and other organisation topics.

Adrian – Creative Photographer and Editor with an artistic view of the world.

We are so different as individuals, however make a great team together.

Me, Adrian, I have had experience with photography throughout my life. When I was a small boy, I used to watch my Dad when he was using an analog camera. I am very excited and fascinated to be able to catch magical moments and emotions forever on a simple piece of paper (picture).

“Choose a job you love and you won’t work a single day more in your life.”

Confucius (Kong Fuzi)

Photos are the best way to catch the moment. They bring a smile to the face, happiness in the heart, even make people emotional. A Good Photographer is not only professional doing his job, he is also a magician who knows how to capture beautiful moments and preserve for years.

I am trying to catch naturalness, emotions, relations between people. To achieve great results, I care about good light, proper composition and a special good atmosphere during the photo session. This is very important as you can see this reflected in the photos. Technical conditions are our priority however what makes the photos special is a good connection between photographer and customers.

If you are dreaming about a photo session with the most important people to you and are wanting to capture special moments, then you are in right place. We will discuss with you details and ideas to make sure that the final product covers your expectations.