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Birthday session

Smash cake and splash

Our baby’s first birthday! It is such a special day…

A popular way of celebration babys 1st birthday is a „ smash cake and splash” photo session.

What is it about? Fun without limits 😉

This is probably the only opportunity for a child to eat a piece of cake with his hands, or to break it into pieces with them… Play with it, get dirty without restrictions.

It sounds like fun, full of joy and smiles.

After that it is time to clean… Splash in small bath with ducks, flowers, strawberries… lots of bubbles…

This is how the birthday session looks like in our place…

You decide which photos will be included in the package. After the session, we will send you raw photos via an online gallery. (Applies to all sessions)



  • 45 min photo session
  • 3 digital images fully edited
  • Full use of props



  • 1h photo session
  • 4 digital images fully edited
  • Full use of props

Sitter +
smash-cake + splash


  • 1-1.5h photo session
  • 6 digital images fully edited
  • Full use of props





Sitter +
smash-cake + splash


  • 45 min photo session
  • 5 digital images fully edited
  • Full use of props
  • 1h photo session
  • 5 digital images fully edited
  • Full use of props
  • 1-1.5h photo session
  • 6 digital images fully edited
  • Full use of props
  • £50 deposit required to secure photo session slot (this will be deducted from final cost at the end)
  • choice of photos from the online gallery, protected via password
  • each additional photo is £15
  • cake price is not included

Information available on request.

The session price includes:

  • The knowledge and experience of the Photographer
  • Graphic processing, giving a unique character to each photo
  • Use of professional photographic equipment and programs
  • Usage of props, clothes and decorations
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Photo session location in our studio in Corby or outdoors in Northamptonshire area
  • Gift voucher if the session is a gift
  • Professional advice throughout the entire session process

What does the whole session process look like?

  1. Contact by phone or e-mail
    We determine what session you are interested in, which package will be the best. We discuss the nature of the session, we talk about additions, place and time of the meeting. If the session is a gift for a loved one – we arrange to collect / send a personal invitation to the session – a gift voucher.
  2. Session
    With us in the studio or outdoors – the most important thing is that it is in a friendly atmosphere!;) We always try to ensure you have a good time and forget about the presence of the camera.
  3. Photo selection
    After the initial selection, we send you photos in electronic form on our platform and you decide which shots you choose as part of your package. (If you prefer us to choose – go ahead 😊)
  4. Post production
    That is original processing, after which your photos receive a unique character and become a good value product of the session. Often, after this stage, we send you a session trailer, because we can’t wait to share the effects of our work with you! 😊
  5. Recording to a memory stick
    Recording to a portable memory, downloading photos from the platform, ordering prints, designing and ordering albums and other accessories.
  6. Special products
    Special products require special handling that is… packing! It must be beautiful 😊
  7. Receipt of the effects of our cooperation
    We invite you in person or we provide materials via courier / post (for an additional fee).

Joining the session is tantamount to accepting the following regulations.

  1. Before the session, each client receives a link to these regulations.
    The decision to use the services of a photographer is equivalent to accepting everything contained in these regulations.
  2. Before arranging a session, please ask about the availability of the date.
  3. The photographer can postpone the session twice without consequences. The photographer is aware of the Client’s effort to organize the vacation, childcare, beautician, etc. Therefore it shifts sessions extremely rarely.
  4. The client has the right to postpone the session once up to 2 days before the agreed date of the session. The photographer decides about the availability of dates.
    In a situation when bad weather occurs on the day of which an outdoor session is set, the photographer, in consultation with the client, will set a new date for the session or perform it in the studio.
  5. Clients willing to participate in the session must entrust me with their name, e-mail address and telephone number in order to be able to contact me in matters relating to my services. i.e. creating an online gallery where the customer selects photos and products, e-mail or telephone contact. The data is not passed on to anyone else. By providing their data, they agree to their processing by me as part of my services.
    Along with the gallery of photos, the Customer receives mandatory GDPR tables – without filling them in, the Photographer is not able to do his job.
  6. The customer receives exactly the number of photos purchased. It is not possible to receive “the rest” of the photos- raw / processed photos for free. However, you may purchase additional shots. The price list clearly informs the customer how many shots they will receive and what the price for each subsequent shot is.Frequently asked question:
    • Can we get the rest of the photos we did not select?
      – Unfortunately not, but you can buy them, because that’s my job. The price for the processed photos is given in the price list. In the case of large orders, such as communion, weddings, events, it is possible to purchase a large number of photos only after pre-treatment, priced individually.
    • what about the rest of the photos we haven’t selected?
      – if you do not inform me about your willingness to buy additional shots within 6 months, the raw material is removed from the discs.
  7. Preparation for the session is extremely important, the quality of the photos depends on this. The photographer is not responsible for the quality of the final work caused by the client’s negligence.
  8. An online gallery with a client session is prepared:
    – up to 7 business days for raw photos
    – up to 30 working days for processed photos
    It is the Photographer who decides which option will be presented to the Client
    Photos in galleries are secured with watermarks, which are removed after purchasing and paying for the shot.Frequently Asked Questions:
    • is the gallery private?
      – yes, the gallery is assigned to an individual e-mail address, password-protected and discreet on professionally secured servers.
    • how long will my photos be available in galleries?
      – see point 6, while the finished photos will be available for one year. This is a non-binding period based on the current cooperation with the server provider and is subject to change.
    • if I choose raw photos, will they be processed?
      – Yes. All purchased photos will be processed, then replaced in the gallery and sent to the customer so that he can download them in digital form to his disk.
  9. If the client has received an online gallery with raw photos, the waiting time for the finished product is up to 40 working days from the moment the client chooses the photos. The waiting period is the result of how many jobs the Photographer has, and he is also very anxious to deliver his work to the client as soon as possible.
  10. Consent to publish. Each client can decide for himself whether he allows the Photographer to publish his image on:
    • facebook EAKotlarek Photography,
    • instagram: EAKotlarek Photography
    • www.EAKotlarek-Photography.com website
    • during exhibitions, openings
    • publications in the press or advertising materials
      The consent for the Photographer is extremely important because it is the only way to promote your work.
  11. You can purchase a Gift Card for each session. The card purchase regulations are available on the website or sent by the photographer at the customer’s request.
    The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be returned.
  12. If the client has selected additional shots, they must pay the fee, because without it, the photos will not be prepared. The time for processing is counted from the date of payment for additional shots.
  13. PHOTOGRAPHING (including by mobile phone) by anyone except the Photographer is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED during the sessions.
  14. Punctuality in arriving at the session is very important. If you feel that you will be late, please let us know, after 15 minutes of being late, the Photographer will start to deal with other orders of his company. The customer should remember that being late comes at a cost of the time they spend.
    If the customer chooses the photo on their own, they have a maximum of 14 days to do so. After this time, the Photographer does not guarantee that he will return the work within 40 working days from the date of selection (a delayed selection may, for example, fall into the holiday period or intensive work and may extend up to 100 working days) and does not guarantee that the session will be maintained after the designated deadline. If the customer does not make a choice within 60 days from receiving the gallery, the session is removed from the discs without reimbursement of the costs incurred by the customer. Deleting a session is irreversible. The photographer can help the client make a choice, the photographer has 30 working days to do so.
  16. The client is obliged to familiarize himself with the Photographer’s portfolio, his style of processing and work. The Client cannot expect the Photographer to perform a work inconsistent with his sense of aesthetics and the style characteristic of the Photographer, including colours, contrast and framing.
    • outdoor:
      When deciding to take an outdoor session, the client must be aware that the open air consists of insects, animals, plants, water, mud, sand and all the wonderful nature. Appropriate protection, for example against ticks, mosquitoes, etc., is on the customer’s side. When moving through fields, meadows, forests or a world made of concrete, both sides observe common sense and generally accepted safety rules.
    • studio:
      A client deciding to take a studio session must exercise some moderate caution. It is a place where there are many items: backgrounds, lamps, wardrobe, furniture, cosmetics. Valuable things for the photographer and the client should approach everything with respect. The client is responsible for their child, including any harm they may cause to their own body.
    When choosing a session, the client receives exactly what the session concerns. You cannot choose, for example, a family session and “by the way” take a few photos of individuals, a few business photos for the site or romantic hugs for two. Of course, it is not a problem to discuss this possibility in advance, but remember that a family session is not a business session, it is also not a female session. If the client would like to take such photos during one visit, he is obliged to pay extra for the selected session.
  19. The copyright to the photo is ALWAYS the photographer – this is provided for in the law. The purchase of a photograph is not equivalent to ownership within the meaning of the COPYRIGHT LAW, therefore photographs cannot be sent to contests, for example, without the consent of the photographer.
    Everyone who comes to the photographer sees his work. You cannot interfere, command and demand a different system of work from him. Any graphic wishes, e.g. attach a sweater or remove suckers etc., is a graphic service, not a photo service. The graphic service is priced individually and can be rejected by the photographer. It is very important to choose a photographer consciously and according to how he works – not the other way around.
    Check the photographer’s working hours on Facebook:
    • EAKotlarek Photography

For the customer’s convenience, a Facebook page was created:
EAKotlarek Photography and email: contact@eakotlarek-photography.com

The photographer usually responds within 24 hours on working days.

Our work is also our passion, so you can be sure that we will give it all our heart and commitment. Thanks to you, we can develop and create cages of fleeting reality. Every moment spent with you is an honour for us.

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